G.E.Mattern LLC

As Manufacturer's Representatives we cover Upstate NY and Ontario, Canada and have decades of experience applying mechatronic product solutions in real world applications. Our Partners are true Market Leaders that employ leading edge technologies to solve the most demanding motion control and power transmitting applications.

Our Partners:

STOBER ServoFit Gear Boxes

Precision down to under 1 arc minute backlash, torques to over 200,000 in-lb (23 kN-M)

  • Standard 3-Day Delivery
  • 5 Year Long Life Warranty
  • Emergency-24 hours, No expedite fee
  • Food & Beverage Duty Available
  • Will mount to any Servo or Stepper motors
  • Highest Precision Planetary Gearing
  • Helical and Helical/Bevel Modular system solving unique design problems.

STOBER ServoFit Geared Motors

Broadest Integrated Servo-Geared Motor Product available

Linear Actuator Technology based on Roller Screw Technology.

Up to 15 times the travel life of similar sized ball screws

  • Linear Actuators
    • Universal Actuators: K and FT Series
    • Actuators with Integrated Servo Motors-GSM/X Series
    • Actuator with integrated Servo, Amp-Controller-Tritex Series
  • Rotary Actuators
    • Servo and Geared Servo-SLM/G Series
    • Integrated Servo, Amp-Controller-Tritex Series
  • Hazardous Duty/Explosion Proof/ATEX rated

For over 60 years, Zero-Max, Inc. has created innovative solutions to servo motion control problems worldwide such as shaft couplings, adjustable speed drives and keyless lock bushings.

The Zero-Max team of application specialists can engineer a solution to meet your motion control requirements.

  • Zero Backlash, High Speed, Torsionally Stiff Metal and Composite Disk Servo Couplings
  • Schmidt Parallel Offset Couplings
  • Roh'lix Linear Actuators
  • Torq-Tender Overload Safety Couplings
  • ETP Shaft Locking Devices
  • Crown Gear Drives

Macron Dynamics Inc. Produces High Speed, High Accuracy Linear Robotic and Actuation Solutions for the Automation Industry.

  • Multi Axis Cartesian Robots
  • Stand Alone High Speed Belt Actuators
  • 3 Meter per Second linear speeds
  • T-bot and H-Bot High Speed Robots
  • Fully Customizable Solutions for your Application

Engineering Specialists in solving difficult motion control problems

  • Overunning Clutches
  • Intermittent Clutches
  • Centrifugal Clutches
  • Torque Limiting Clutches
  • Brakes
  • Drivetrain Clutches
  • Twiflex Brakes

Kinematics is the established leader in smart torque technology solutions

Kinematics manufactures the world’s most technically advanced and reliable slew drives. With unmatched expertise and unrivaled customer commitment, we stand behind our solutions with world-class manufacturing and a tightly integrated supply chain.